Bert Lehrberg

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Bert Lehrberg, professor i civilrätt

Dr. Bert Lehrberg is juris doktor (doctor of law; a Swedish title ranking above PhD) in civil (private) law since 1989 and chaired professor of civil law. Since 1995 he holds one och the two chairs in civil law at the University of Uppsala. He has formerly held the chair in banking law at the University of Lund (1992-1995).

Dr. Lehrberg’s main fields of research and education are, Business Law, especially Swedish and International Contract Law (especially in the areas of Sales Law, Banking Law and Construction Contact Law), Swedish Company Law and the practical application of the legal method.

Dr. Lehrberg is also the head of the private company Iusté AB (aka IBA Institutet för Bank- och Affärsjuridik), which issues most of his books (it has its own book shop at and offers courses, mainly in Swedish law.

Dr. Lehrberg also provides qualified legal investigations and reports and counseling in Business Law related disputes.

He also acts as an arbitration and as far as is known he was, when first hired as such at the age of 35 back in 1992, the youngest arbitrator ever in Sweden in modern time.

Dr. Lehrberg is the author of a dozen books and many essay’s, articles and comment letters. Some of Dr. Lehrberg’s most important books are the following:

Interpretation of Contracts (Avtalstolkning)

Sales Law under the Swedish Sales Act of 1990 (Köprätt enligt 1990 års köplag)

Basic Elements of Contract Law (Avtalsrättens grundelement)

The Doctrine of Assumptions (Förutsättningsläran; doctoral thesis 1989)

In the Twilight Land of Companies Limited by Shares (I aktiebolagens skymningsland)

Renegotiation clauses (Omförhandlingsklausuler)

Modern forms of payments (Moderna betalningsformer)

Practical Legal Method (Praktisk juridisk metod)